netDocShare - Live View, Edit, and Sync NetDocuments content in Teams, SharePoint and Web apps

netDocShare provides your firm with the ability to Live View, Edit, and Sync any NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or your favorite web application. You can simply pin netDocShare app on Teams Navigation bar or add to Team Channel Tab or add to a SharePoint page or Web application page to view NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, Folders / Sub-Folders, CollabSpaces, Saved Searches and Filters.

Simplified Interface for non-technical users


Easily live-view NetDocuments content such as Documents, CollabSpaces, Saved Searches, Filters in SharePoint


Rapid Deployment and Configuration of WebParts

netDocShare Sync With NetDocuments

netDocShare Sync

  • Automatically Sync SharePoint document library or specific folders and files with NetDocuments.

netDocShare Save

  • Ability to “save” or “move” SharePoint document library-specific folders and files to NetDocuments.
netDocShare Save with NetDocuments
netDocShare Search Files with NetDocuments

netDocShare Search

  • Search both NetDocuments and SharePoint content from a single integrated search interface.

netDocShare Admin

  • Ability to centrally manage and enforce netDocShare settings including enable/disable/default-value setup of properties.
netDocShare Admin Page
netDocShare Teams app recent view of NetDocuments

Recent Documents View

Displays most recent documents based on user’s activity

  • Displays top 40 most recent documents based on user's activity
  • User can specify and search “most recently accessed,” “most recently opened” or “most recently edited” document

Normal View

Access everything in one place

  • Access Documents, Saved Search, Filters in a folders, sub-folders, cabinets or workspaces easily via just point and click!
netDocShare normal view within Microsoft Teams app
netDocShare Teams app tree view of NetDocuments


Displays documents from multiple sources

  • Displays documents from multiple sources (folders, workspaces, cabinets)and enables a superior user experience
  • Folder tree structure aims to give a user experience similar to using popular system such as Windows Explorer

Favorites View

Access favorite files or folders in one place

  • Displays all favorite documents under a separate view
netDocShare Favorites view within Microsoft Teams app
netDocShare Subscription Pricing
netDocShare STANDARD

Monthly Plan

payable monthly

Yearly Plan

payable annually
What’s included?
Up to 1000 users
Per tenant or farm
Incl. support

Fixed Skills

Hotfixes and Upgrades

Fixed Skills

Auto-renews Monthly
netDocShare Teams App Pro

Monthly Plan

annual commitment
What’s included?
Minimum of 5 users signup required
One Microsoft Teams instance Per Office 365 tenant
Incl. support
Hotfixes and Upgrades
Auto-renews Annually
What’s included?
Unlimited users
netDocShare Admin
Per tenant or farm
Incl. support
Hotfixes and Upgrades
Auto-renews Annually

* Pricing does not include “one-time” setup fees and any applicable “customization fees”
* Includes up to 10 Sync Job Definitions. Job Definitions can be purchased at an additional cost
# Additional costs may apply


For additional information regarding licensing or technical support please email us or Call us +1 (973) 500-3270